Nintendo 64 test ROM to detect cartridge save capabilities

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N64 Cartridge Save Type Detection Test ROM

This is a simple test ROM for Nintendo 64 that can detect all known (and a few theoretical) cartridge-based save capabilities.

Screenshot of SRAM 768Kb detection result

Supported save types

Multiple save types

Run the test ROM

Download or compile the ROM file and load it as you would any other N64 ROM.

This ROM file has been tested to work on real Nintendo 64 hardware using the EverDrive-64 by krikzz and 64drive by retroactive.

This ROM file should also be compatible with low-level, accuracy-focused Nintendo 64 emulators such as Ares, CEN64 and MAME.

Build the ROM

  1. Install LibDragon and make sure you export N64_INST as the path to your N64 compiler toolchain.
  2. Run make to produce savetest.z64


This project is Unlicensed public domain software written by Christopher Bonhage.

LibDragon is Unlicensed public domain software.

“Nintendo 64” is a registered trademark of Nintendo used for informational purposes without permission.