Flappy Bird for Nintendo 64

Tap A to flap your wings and fly! The hit iOS game of 2013 is now available for your favorite obsolete 64-bit home console.

Screenshots of menus and gameplay


Download or compile the ROM file and load it as you would any other N64 ROM.

This ROM file has been tested to work on real Nintendo 64 hardware using the EverDrive-64 by krikzz. It should also work with 64drive by retroactive.

This ROM file is only known to work on low-level, high-accuracy Nintendo 64 emulators such as CEN64 or MAME due to the use of libdragon instead of the proprietary SDK used by official licensed Nintendo software.

Redistributable Source Materials

The source code and resources to build this ROM file are included in the ROM as a bzipped tarball starting at offset 9C800 (641024 decimal).

On Unix systems this can be extracted using the following commands:

dd bs=1 skip=641024 if=FlappyBird.z64 of=FlappyBird-src.tar.bz
tar -xf FlappyBird-src.tar.bz


In order to build you will need the following open-source software installed:

Run make to produce the FlappyBird.z64 ROM file from this source tree.


This source code is BSD licensed (c) 2017 Christopher Bonhage.

The graphic and sound resources from Flappy Bird (c) 2013 .Gears are used with love, care, and respect for non-commercial purposes, but without permission. (Please don’t sue.)

Nintendo 64 is a registered trademark of Nintendo used for informational purposes without permission.